Are you an end-of-life doula, professional caregiver, or family caregiver?

The Informed Caregiver course is being developed for end-of-life doulas, professional caregivers as well as family caregivers. It is unique in that it focuses completely on the medical and practical aspects of dying. It comes from the perspective of a physician who has also been where you are….at the bedside!

The Informed Caregiver course will provide you with basic but critical medical information relevant to your caregiving or doula responsibilities and will be presented using accessible, understandable language. Having this knowledge is sure to decrease your stress and allow you to fully experience the joy of your work.

Not only will YOU benefit from this course, but your clients and loved ones will to! They will sense your confidence and feel more secure in your presence. You will become even more valuable to the rest of the medical or hospice team because:

  • You will know what to watch for, keep track of and report to the team.
  • You will know how to communicate using “Medical Lingo”.
  • You will become the trusted eyes and ears of the team.
  • You will know some tricks of the medical trade and what YOU CAN DO to help alleviate suffering.


During this 6-part course, you will learn about:

  • The common disease processes you will encounter…from Heart Disease to Cancer
  • The End-of-Life symptoms that can occur with these different disease processes
  • The treatments available... medications and other medical interventions 
  • Medication side-effects to watch out for.

Dr. Jackie includes many stories from the bedside to make the material tangible and memorable and every Module will have a section specifying “What a Doula/Caregiver Can Do!”


This Course will include:

  • 6 Live webinars with video and audio recordings
  • Replays of each live webinar will be available the next day
  • A Study Guide with optional questions to answer as you watch or listen to each module.
  • A detailed outline of each module for future reference
  • A set of reference cards to keep in your Doula Bag for quick review when needed.
  • The option to join future “Ask the Doctor” live sessions for help with complicated cases.

If you’re interested in helping Dr. Jackie develop this course by providing feedback via simple, quick 3 question surveys at the end of the course --- please enter your name and email address below.

We will be sending out information on how to sign up for a fraction of the amount the full course will sell for.


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Dr. Jackie Yaeger


Dr. Jackie Yaeger is a board certified palliative care physician with over 25 years of experience. Using her medical expertise she can help you manage physical symptoms by prescribing appropriate comfort medications or recommending alternative treatments. 

As a trained End-of-Life Doula, Dr. Yaeger will  also  address  spiritual, emotional and psychological needs. She will help you and your family find ways to honor this time of transition. By being an experienced, calm and compassionate presence, she will help you and your family be fully present to the experience of dying and loss.